Beginners Guide To The Casino

Guide To The Casino

If you have never set foot in a casino and you do not really know the universe, this guide will be very useful. Playing in a casino never leaves indifferent and arouses particular emotions, such as powerful adrenaline rushes but it can also become a vice when it leads to excesses.

# What is a casino?

casino is an establishment that proposes and organizes gambling and betting, prohibited to minors. These activities are regulated and anyone can not open a casino as he would open a butcher shop!

# How does a casino work?

With the exception of a regulation of its own, a casino is like any other private company and its purpose and generate profits. A casino is therefore not an association, never forget it.

The profit of a casino is the difference of the bets of the players (Gross Products of the Games) , less the gains of the players, minus the taxes. The latter are very important and they are not satisfied with the taxes of a classical society.

The main casino operators in France are the groups Partouche, Barrière, Tranchant and Joa . The largest casino in France is Enghien-Les-Bains, north of Paris.

# Learn the rules of casino games 

Before going into a casino, it is best to know the rules of the main j their casino , so as not to be completely lost when you see other players play (or even when you play yourself):

  • Learn to Play Blackjack
  • Learn to Play Slot Machines
  • Learn to Play Texas Holdem Poker
  • Learn To Play Roulette
  • Learn to play craps
  • Learn to Play Baccarat
  • Learn to Play Video Poker

# Which casino game is better to play / not play?

If there is one important point to remember, it is that not all games offer the same chances to the player! They are typically characterized by the redistribution rate or player return rate .

Know that the games or player has the most chance of winning (and the least chance of losing) are: blackjack, craps, video-poker, poker and baccarat. Roulette and slot machines are generally not good horses.

  • The best games to play at the casino
  • Is the casino a scam?

# First immersion in a casino: some tips

On your first trip to a casino, a few quick tips are needed. First of all, do not forget your ID card! Regarding the attire, everything will depend on the casino in which you go, it’s like in nightclub. A casual outfit will fit in the majority of cases. Read our articles to find out more:

  • Your first steps in a land-based casino
  • Accept to lose

# Casino Tax

When you win at the casino, the Taxpayer may be interested. What is it? Should I pay taxes on my earnings?

  • Casino Taxation

# The Stories of Cheats at the Casino

At all times players have attempted to reverse the casino advantage by unorthodox techniques. Find the most popular cheat stories, from the craziest to the most spectacular scams.

  • Croupier accomice: technique of false brewing
  • Concealing cards in Baccarat
  • Discard the ball somehow
  • Fake Tickets
  • Lens scam and invisible ink

# Addiction to the casino: a sad reality

The casino is above all a leisure but can prove to be a source of problems. Several criteria exist to characterize addiction. In the event that these symptoms occur, it is absolutely necessary to get close to a player support organization.

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