How To Play Bingo Games ?

Bingo Games

The Bingo is certainly the easiest casino game’s learning. Each participant in the bingo game receives one or more grids. Numbers are then drawn, and when present on the grid, the players check it. The first player to complete a grid (all numbers are checked) shouts “BINGO!” and is winning.

Bingo is very popular in France and every weekend, many parts of Bingo are organized in towns and villages, with different lots to win.

Difference between Bingo and Keno

These two games involve a grid and are drawing games. However, there is a big difference between these two games.

In Bingo, players play against each other. In Keno, all players play against the “bank” or the “casino”. Indeed, in Keno, players check on a grid the numbers they wish to play. At the end of a limited edition of balls, each player wins or not a percentage of his putting in function of the number of “good numbers” that he obtained.

The principle of keno is therefore very simple. To summarize, you simply select numbers on a grid then a machine randomly selects a certain number of numbers. On the same box, do not forget to register the desired bet and have your grid validated before the start of the draw.

Once the number announcement is complete, go to the counter with your receipt to see if you have won.

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