How To Play Machinery Games ?

How To Play Machinery Games

The first slot machines appeared in San Francisco , California at the end of the 19th century and have gradually become the main attraction in casinos in Las Vegas and around the world. This enthusiasm is explained by the diversity of the machines, their ease of use and especially the possibility of winning the jackpot prize .

The jackpot is the promise of a life forever changed by the happy event. However, you will probably know, not everyone is winning the jackpot and everything is based on luck.

Slot machines account for almost two-thirds of current casino revenues.

How to play slot machines?

The slot machines are extremely simple, simply insert your currency in the machine and then press a button to operate the rollers. Depending on the result, the machine pays you your winnings or keeps the change.

Here are the main elements you will find on a slot machine

  • The slot for inserting coins or bills.
  • A “Bet One” button to wager a single credit.
  • A “Bet Max” button to bet the maximum number of credits.
  • One button to adjust the value of each piece.

Rather than tokens, casinos now use tickets to pay for your winnings.

There are different types of slot machine:

  • theme machines offer to play in the world of a movie or cartoon. The redistribution rate on these machines is lower because the casinos have to pay image rights to the brands.
  • progressive machines are the most common. They are networked together.
  • the interactive machines are much more playful and offer the player to make decisions other than pressing a button.

In France, the slot machines acclaimed by their jackpot are the Megapot and the Magic Casino Jackpot  which regularly allow new players to become a millionaire.

There are also national specificities regarding slot machines, such as Australian pokies or Japanese pachinko

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